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We also offer a variety of generator sets  to meet your daily business needs.


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Appropriate Technology Africa

Appropriate Technology Africa provides technology to empower poor people in Africa to make sellable end user products。 Concentrating specifically on the African market Appropriate Technology Africa has come up with appropriate , relevant, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet small business needs。 ATA does this without compromising on quality。 Our equipment is designed to make products to international standards we have consistantly refused to cut corners in use of quality raw materials and production procedures。 As a business person, it does not pay take chances with unproven and shoddy products (often copies of our original equipment)。 ATA offer a range of equipment whose output can compete profitably against established, commercial mechanized producers。

Mining Equipment Generators Working Wood
Diesel Engines Granding/Hammer Mills Compressors
Jaw Crushers Chainsaws 上海11选5计划Walkie Talkies

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